Campus Automobile is the skill centre of the Walloon Region, located in Spa-Francorchamps, inside the race track. The main goals of Campus are:

  • To provide technical trainings to job seekers, to the public of schools (students and teachers) and for workers;
  • To follow the evolution of technologies and adapt / create training contents;
  • To support the economic development of his local area thanks to a partnership with SPI (incubator of companies) and an industrial area;
  • To support regional SME’s with its specific equipment;
  • To support education through a partnership with ULg (master program of 60 credits in sustainable mobility organised in Francorchamps);
  • To provide competences in automotive, racing, bodywork, engines, alternative fuels and eco-technology (biofuels, gaseous fuels, electricity, FC, EV and Hybrid technologies) thanks to our high-tech equipment through workshops in automotive garage, machining, electricity, welding, composites material, engine test bench, chassis dyno., electro-mechanics;
  • To support the innovation in the automotive industry.
  • marcMarc Nelis: linkedin
    • Development Engineer at Campus Francorchamps, PhD
    • Contact: Tél. +32 87 47.90.60 –

Marc Nélis is Electromechanical Engineer from University of Liège since 1989. He started his career by working in the machine elements laboratory of ULg on different topics like machine design, durability, reliability, lubrication and tribology. Among these topics he particularly developed simulations and experimental devices for the characterization of materials and lubricants, including cryogenics, for industrial applications, space applications and academic research. He obtained his PhD in 1999 in applied sciences. He then moved to Campus Francorchamps in 2007 and became responsible for the developments of new trainings for a large public of technical schools: pupils, bachelor and master. His current topics of interest are alternative fuels, electric & hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles. He is convinced that the automotive sector is rapidly changing and that this is an opportunity to develop new skills and create new jobs.

  • Cendrine Marchal:linkedin
    • Contact: +32 87 21.30.94 –

Cendrine Marchal obtains a bachelor degree in foreign trade in 2006. She first worked in the Automotive Cluster of Wallonia, a network of companies, universities, R&D centres and training centres related to the automotive industry. Her role was to support the projects manager. Three years later, she has been hired by the Automotive Campus of Spa-Francorchamps to manage some EU projects. Since 2011, a project department have been created in the automotive campus to centralize all activities related to projects; Cendrine took the lead of the project team. The current topics of interest of the project department are new mobility and new powertrains in the framework of the low carbon economy objectives of the EU Commission. Projects related to training topics on electric and hydride vehicles, Smart grid technology and smart management of the energy, compressed natural gaz, fuel cells and hydrogen are currently running.