Fuel Cells for Combined Heat and Power Applications
60 hours + 40 from the core module

Fuel Cells for Combined Heat and Power Applications

Next running date:  January 2017 in The Netherlands and in Germany – February 2017 in the United Kingdom – April 2017 in Italy

Introduction to CHP, application, working principle, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of CHP fuel cell systems and fuel safety

Fuel cell based Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems are an emerging technology. In the last years the fuel cell industry has been preparing the roll out with the help of several demonstration projects (Ene.field, Callux). In other countries, especially Japan, fuel cell CHP systems are already commercially available and thousands units have been installed.

The CHP module is dedicated to prepare technicians for the new challenge of installing, testing and maintaining CHP systems as naturally as conventional condensing boilers. For this purpose, in this specialisation module the following contents will be taught:

  • CHP background and history, basics and working principle of different fuel cell CHP units

  • Fuel supply, handling and infrastructure, introduction to critical situations and alternative fuels

  • Overview of CHP unit design and special components, introduction to tools, standard operation and control of conditions, calculations, rules of thumb and applications

  • Knowledge of typical fuel cell CHP specific failure schemes

  • Overview of systems taking into account safety aspects, maintenance, diagnostics and failure analysis

After completing the course the student will be able to:

  • Explain the fundamentals of CHP units

  • Explain the safety aspects and demonstrate the ability to work safely with FC based CHP systems

  • Read and identify the different system components through technical drawings

  • Demonstrate the ability to perform elementary diagnostics and failure analysis

  • Successfully assemble, disassemble and operate fuel cell based CHP systems

The qualification obtained is “Certificate of Knowledge in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology for Technicians: Fuel cells for combined heat & power applications”