H2 Production & Handling
60 hours + 40 from the Core Module

H2 Production & Handling

Next running date: November 2016 in Portugal – January 2017 in The Netherlands and United Kingdom – March 2017 in Spain – May 2017 in Germany

Wide spectrum to produce and storage hydrogen with an intrinsic security

Hydrogen as itself is not present in the environment thus; several processes need to be performed before using this fuel in any application. In this course, the part of the technology related to the production, purification and storage of hydrogen is studied in detail, specifically the points that are going to be described are:
Hydrogen production. With emphasis on main technologies, like reformation and electrolysis and other important new processes.
Hydrogen purification. Listing the existent systems used and its applications for each case.
Hydrogen storage. Analyzing different possibilities to storage hydrogen and distribute it to the final users.
Hydrogen handling. Showing the risks, detection and regulations, codes and standards for hydrogen security in its production, storage and use.
After finishing this course the student will be able:

  • To identify each technology of production, how it works, its pros and cons.
  • To choose better purification processes and the requirements that they need and can be given.
  • To select the best option for hydrogen distribution.
  • To detect any risk or incident related to the hydrogen technology.

The qualification obtained is “Certificate of Knowledge in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology for Technicians: Hydrogen production & handling”.