KnowHy brings together practical training in hydrogen, Fuel Cells and their applications with serious games and an interactive e-learning platform. This unique opportunity enables a student to be able to study a choice of modules, and study them at their own pace whilst remaining in full time employment. Each student has to study a core module, which builds the basics of the technology and then they have an opportunity to choose a specialisation.
The course will require approximately 100 hours of student effort, of which there will be 40 hours dedicated to the core module and 60 hours to a specialisation module. The contact time will be split between the e-platform and hands on training sessions. The course cost normally varies based on the country and the fee waivers available at the time of the course. For the first course run, in some countries, courses are available with full fee waivers.

Main features:

  • Six courses comprising of one common core module and five specialisations focused on market roll-out applications
  • Courses available in 7 different languages : Dutch, French, English, Spanish, Italian, German & Portuguese; and in multiple countries
  • Comfortable e-learning format for active technicians
  • Tutoring, Serious games and Practical training to complement the lessons
  • Affordable and easily adaptable training format
  • Target of training 1000 technicians before project end
  • Plan to establish a joint venture to continue to offer the courses after end of the project