The Netherlands

Delft University of Technology (TUD) is a Dutch public technical university located in Delft, Netherlands, leader in the field of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies. With eight faculties and numerous research institutes, it hosts over 19,000 students (undergraduate and postgraduate), more than 3,300 scientists and more than 2,200 people in the support and management staff. As coordinator of KnowHy project, thanks to its expertise, TUD contributes in designing curriculum and training material on hydrogen and fuel cell technologies as well as in managing the project. TUD wishes to enhance its existing GreenTech Gateway to a wider audience. In particular, it wishes to set up a “Fuel Cell Boot Camp” for young adults, where technical knowledge as well as the importance of H2&FC technology is disseminated.
  • AravinPV Aravind:linkedin
    • Contact: +31 152783550 –

PV Aravind teaches courses on thermodynamics of energy conversion and fuel cell systems at Delft University of Technology. He also teaches at TU Munich  and  contributes to a course KU Leuven. He is involved in several national, European and international   energy related  research projects. He is the Coordinator for KnowHy project.

  • MaartenMaarten de Groot:linkedin
    • Contact: +31 152782153 –

Maarten de Groot has 40 years of experience at Technical University (TU) Delft, as lecturer mathematics and thermodynamics at the Mechanical Engineering faculty and as Senior Contract/ project manager. He is an expert in regulations within Europe and acts as advisor for all scientific members for financial and legal matters for externally funded research projects.

  • TheoTheo Woudstra:linkedin
    • Contact: +31 15 2786999 –

Theo Woudstra has been working in the thermodynamic modelling of energy systems (including fuel-cell-systems) for over 30 year. For education he teaches together with Aravind in lectures about thermodynamics, especially exergy analysis of power plants. Recently education-activities are extended with statics, material engineering and dynamics for first-year-students.

  • AlessandroAlessandro Cavalli:linkedin
    • Contact: +31 152782153 –

Alessandro Cavalli: after studying Energy Engineering at Sapienza University of Rome, he moved to the Netherlands to pursue a Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Technology at Delft University of Technology. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in TU Delft focusing on Fuel Cells and their integration in Biomass Gasifier Systems.

  • RashiRashi Mor:linkedin
    • Contact: +31 152782153 –

Rashi Mor completed her Bachelors in Electrical Power Engineering in India following which she worked as a business technology analyst at Deloitte Consulting for two years. During this period she realised her interest into renewables and moved to the Netherlands to pursue Masters in Sustainable Energy technology at TU Delft where she concentrated her studies mainly on PV systems and fuel cells. After completing her masters, she is now working with the Fuel Cells Group at TU Delft

  • Giulia Botta:
    • Contact: +31 152782153 –


Giulia Botta completed her Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Torino. During this period she moved to the Netherlands to perform her Master thesis in the Fuel Cells Group at TU Delft. Currently, she is a PhD candidate in TU Delft focusing on innovative systems for energy production and storage, in particular high temperature electrolysis and reversible solid oxide systems.