Founded in Milan in 1897, the Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations – FAST is an independent, non-profit organisation which gathers and integrates the activities of 30 among the most recognised technical associations and encompass more than 50.000 members.

The activities of FAST are focusing on Environmental, Sustainable Energy, Information technology, Research and Innovation sectors.

Over the years, FAST has acquired significant expertise in the dissemination of the results of the hydrogen and fuel cell technology in Europe and has facilitated the establishment of new associations in emerging technology fields such as the Italian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association – H2IT which gathers public administrators, industry representatives, professors, technicians and the general public to promote the use of hydrogen and fuel cell systems in Italy and stimulate the creation of a hydrogen infrastructure. In 2015, together with H2IT, FAST launched the Italian Initiative for Hydrogen Mobility.

FAST office in Brussels manages and coordinates the office of the European Hydrogen Association – EHA, which currently represents 21 national hydrogen and fuel cell organisations and the main European developers of hydrogen infrastructure.

  • A.P.PieriAlberto Pieri: linkedin
    • Contact: +39 0277790304 –

He is Secretary General of FAST since 1986 and science journalist since 2000; he has been working in several European projects including in the field of fuel cell and hydrogen ; he held high positions in the Board of Eurosportello Chamber of Commerce of Milan, EuroCase in Paris, Energy Center in St. Petersburg, Opet Cs in Brussels. Since 1973 he worked in some of the most prestigious research institutions such as Mario Negri Institute, Research Center Fiat, Enea, Montedison, Airi. Graduated in political Science with honors cum laude.

  • Marieke photoMarieke Reijalt: linkedin
    • Contact: +32 (0)2 223 2811 –

She has been working in fuel cell and hydrogen program development since more than 15 years. First in the US, and since 2002 in Europe, setting up the World Fuel Cell Council office in Italy in 2002. This office facilitated the establishment of the Italian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, H2IT, in 2003 of which she served as a director from 2004 till 2009. In 2006, when the Federation of Scientific and Techncial Associations took over the management, she became the executive director of the European Hydrogen Association, EHA in Brussels, after serving as a Board member for 2 years. Since 2008 the EHA is hosting the office of the European Association for Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Electro-mobility HyER, that is currently representing over 36 regions in Europe active in hydrogen infrastructure build-up, fuel cell applications deployment and electromobility integration. Marieke became the coordinator of the HyER’s Brussels office in 2009.

  • TagliabueGiorgio Tagliabue: linkedin
    • Contact: +39 0277790312 –

Graduated in Physics at the University of Pavia (1969). Thirty years of experience in the coordination and management of complex projects in various technological fields mainly related to energy saving, transportation, environmental monitoring and automation systems. Since 2011 senior expert for FAST in the projects financed by the EU Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking Initiative and for the development and promotion of hybrid and electric vehicles.

  • AhmedEssam Aly, Ahmed: linkedin
    • Contact: +39 0277790315 –

Ahmed Aly is a project manager for innovation and research projects focusing on the renewable energy on different aspects: mobility, energy efficiency, stationery, back-up power, safety aspects and educational and public awareness. Ahmed has BSc in civil engineering and project management and a master-degree in environmental and urban planning engineering from Politecnico di Milano followed by postgraduate studies in hydrogen safety engineering from the University of Ulster.

  • Giulia IspanoGiulia Ispano: linkedin
    • Contact: +39 0277790325 –

She is working on the development and implementation of EU and regional projects at FAST (Milan, 2014-2015); she collaborated as researcher in projects on best practices of ‘Age Management’ undertaken by Italian enterprises and on gender equality policies in EU Member States at the Institute for Social Research (Milan, 2013-2014); she contributed as bluebook stagiaire to EU policies addressing trafficking in human beings, at DG Internal Affairs, European Commission (Brussels 2013); Graduated in Law and Policies of European Integration: European Constitutional Law and Multi-level Constitutionalism.