Fundación San Valero is a non-profit organisation specialized in the training ambit and the professional qualification linked to employment and enterprises. It is the founder of the first private university in the Aragón and promoter of the Institute for Environment. Among its priorities, it highlights the innovation applied to Environment by means of expert qualification and validation of new environmental technologies through its Centre of Technological Applications in collaboration with more than 500 enterprises and institutions. It is recognized by the regional government of Aragón „of social interest” trains above 3000 people/year. It develops different innovation projects in collaboration with public entities and private at national level and international, stressing its actions in the Environment field and the renewable energy.
  • NievesNieves Zubalez: linkedin
    • Graduate in International Affairs, Master in European, Communities, English, French and German Degree by Zaragoza University.
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Experience: Over 20 years managing and leading EU projects and for underdeveloped countries..

  • RicardoRicardo Aured: linkedin
    • IT manager at FSV, Administration and Business management BBa
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With more that ten years of experience as an IT consultant, Ricardo has offered his help in plenty of digitalization progress of universities, educative centers and companies..

  • FotoPerfilIgnacio Ruiz:linkedin
    • Computer Science BSc. Web app developer at FSV
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